Tunisia Trivia

What is the capital city of Tunisia? Tunis Sfax Sousse Kairouan Tunisia is located on the coast of which sea? Mediterranean Sea Red Sea Atlantic Ocean Arabian Sea What ancient city, famous for its conflict with ancient Rome, is located in present-day Tunisia? Carthage Alexandria Sparta Athens What is the traditional Tunisian stew that is … Read more

How well do you know South Africa?

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What is the legislative capital of South Africa? Cape Town Pretoria Johannesburg Durban Which year did South Africa host the FIFA World Cup? 2010 2006 2014 2002 What is the name of the famous prison where Nelson Mandela was held? Robben Island Pollsmoor Prison Pretoria Central Prison Drakenstein Correctional Centre Which of these is a … Read more


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What is the capital city of Ghana? Nairobi Dakar Accra Lagos Which year did Ghana gain independence? 1950 1957 1960 1963 What is the official language of Ghana? French English Swahili Portuguese What is the main ingredient in the popular Ghanaian dish ‘fufu’? Cassava Rice Beans Corn Ghana is the world’s second-largest producer of which … Read more

Can You Get an A on this Trivia about Morocco?

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What is the capital city of Morocco? Casablanca Rabat Marrakesh Fez Which mountain range runs through Morocco? Atlas Mountains Rocky Mountains Himalayas Andes What is the official language of Morocco? English Arabic French Berber Morocco is the world’s largest exporter of which mineral? Gold Phosphate Copper Silver Which famous square is located in Marrakesh? Jemaa … Read more