what kind of dog are you? dog type quiz

  1. 1) What is your favorite outdoor activity?

    • Running
    • Sunbathing
    • Exploring new places
  2. 2) How would you describe your social personality?

    • Outgoing
    • Reserved
    • Friendly to a select few
  3. 3) What’s your favorite type of weather?

    • Cool and breezy
    • Warm and sunny
    • Cold and snowy
  4. 4) How do you usually greet people?

    • Excitedly and with a lot of energy
    • Calmly and laid-back
    • Warmly but cautiously
  5. 5) What’s your favorite sleeping spot?

    • Under the covers
    • On a cozy rug
    • In a sunbeam
  6. 6) What’s your approach to new experiences?

    • Excited and eager to try new things
    • Cautious and prefer sticking to the familiar
    • Curious but take time to warm up
  7. 7) How do you feel about being the center of attention?

    • Love it! I thrive in the spotlight
    • I prefer blending into the background
    • I’m okay with it occasionally
  8. 8) What’s your opinion on physical activity?

    • I can’t get enough of it – I’m always on the move
    • I enjoy it but in moderation
    • I prefer lounging around
  9. 9) Pick a favorite snack:

    • Beef jerky
    • Fresh fruits
    • Cheese and crackers
  10. 10) What’s your preferred way to greet others?

    • A big hug or high-five
    • A polite handshake
    • A casual wave or nod

Congratulations! You’re the top dog! Keep wagging your tail and spreading the joy!

Don’t worry, every dog has its day. Keep sniffing around for more knowledge and you’ll fetch success!

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