Chula Vista, California Trivia Quiz

Can You Get an A on This Quiz about Chula Vista, California?

  1. 1) What is the second-largest city in San Diego County?

    • El Cajon
    • Chula Vista
    • Oceanside
    • Escondido
  2. 2) What body of water borders the western part of Chula Vista?

    • Colorado River
    • San Joaquin River
    • Sacramento River
    • San Diego Bay
  3. 3) What is the state bird of California?

    • California Condor
    • California Thrasher
    • Yellow-Billed Magpie
    • California Quail
  4. 4) Which community college is located in Chula Vista?

    • Grossmont College
    • Southwestern College
    • Cuyamaca College
    • MiraCosta College
  5. 5) What is the nickname of California?

    • The Golden State
    • The Golden State
    • The Sunshine State
    • The Silver State
  6. 6) Which famous wildlife refuge is located in Chula Vista?

    • Sweetwater Marsh National Wildlife Refuge
    • Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve
    • Tijuana River Estuary
    • Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge
  7. 7) What is the largest park in Chula Vista, known for its outdoor recreational activities?

    • Memorial Park
    • Tidelands Park
    • Otay Valley Regional Park
    • Harbor Park
  8. 8) What is the home stadium of the Chula Vista FC soccer team, a member of the UPSL?

    • Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center
    • Otay Ranch High School Stadium
    • Castle Park High School Stadium
    • Hilltop High School Stadium
  9. 9) What is the highest point in California, located in Inyo County?

    • Mount Whitney
    • White Mountain Peak
    • Mojave Desert Peak
    • San Gorgonio Mountain
  10. 10) Which famous American singer and musician, known for his band “Blink-182,” was born in Chula Vista?

    • Tom DeLonge
    • Travis Barker
    • Mark Hoppus
    • Matt Skiba

You’re a Chula Vista trivia whiz! Keep shining like the California Quail!

Not bad, but keep exploring Chula Vista! There’s more to discover!

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