Laredo, Texas Trivia Quiz

Can You Pass This Test about Laredo, Texas?

  1. 1) Which river forms part of the international boundary between the United States and Mexico near Laredo?

    • Guadalupe River
    • Rio Grande River
    • Rio Grande River
    • San Antonio River
  2. 2) What is the largest university in Laredo?

    • Laredo College
    • Texas A&M International University
    • Lamar Bruni Vergara Environmental Science Center
    • Laredo Community College
  3. 3) What is the state bird of Texas?

    • Northern Mockingbird
    • Mourning Dove
    • Carolina Wren
    • Bald Eagle
  4. 4) What is the largest shopping mall in Laredo?

    • Mall del Norte
    • Las Palmas Shopping Center
    • Del Mar Shopping Center
    • Plaza San Agustin
  5. 5) What is the nickname of Texas?

    • The Alamo State
    • The Lone Star State
    • The Lone Star State
    • The Yellow Rose State
  6. 6) Which historic district in Laredo is known for its traditional Spanish and Mexican architecture?

    • San Agustin De Laredo Historic District
    • El Azteca Historic District
    • Saint Augustine Historic District
    • Plaza San Augustin Historic District
  7. 7) What is the largest airport serving Laredo and Webb County?

    • Laredo International Airport
    • Piedras Negras International Airport
    • McAllen-Miller International Airport
    • San Antonio International Airport
  8. 8) Which professional basketball team is based in Laredo?

    • Laredo Swarm
    • Laredo Owls
    • Laredo Swarm
    • Laredo Heat
  9. 9) What is the highest point in Texas, located in Culberson County?

    • Guadalupe Peak
    • Guadalupe Peak
    • Baldy Peak
    • Emory Peak
  10. 10) Which famous American actress and singer, known for her role in “Glee,” was born in Laredo?

    • Lea Michele
    • Demi Lovato
    • Naya Rivera
    • Amber Riley

You’re a Laredo trivia whiz! Keep shining like the Northern Mockingbird!

Not bad, but keep exploring Laredo! There’s more to discover!

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