Norfolk, Virginia Trivia Quiz

Can You Get 10/10 on This Quiz about Norfolk, Virginia?

  1. 1) Which major river forms part of the boundary between Norfolk and Portsmouth?

    • Elizabeth River
    • York River
    • James River
    • Chesapeake Bay
  2. 2) What body of water borders Norfolk to the south?

    • Albemarle Sound
    • Hampton Roads
    • Pamlico Sound
    • Currituck Sound
  3. 3) What is the state bird of Virginia?

    • Northern Mockingbird
    • Northern Cardinal
    • Eastern Bluebird
    • Carolina Wren
  4. 4) Which historic district in Norfolk is known for its cultural and architectural significance?

    • Ghent District
    • Downtown Norfolk Waterfront District
    • East Beach District
    • Riverpoint District
  5. 5) What is the nickname of Virginia?

    • The Old Dominion State
    • The Mother of States
    • The First in Freedom State
    • The Mother of Presidents
  6. 6) Which botanical garden in Norfolk is known for its extensive collection of native plants and wetlands?

    • Norfolk Botanical Garden
    • Hermitage Museum and Gardens
    • Elizabeth River Park
    • Beazley River Park
  7. 7) What is the major airport serving Norfolk and the Hampton Roads region?

    • Norfolk International Airport
    • Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport
    • Richmond International Airport
    • Dulles International Airport
  8. 8) Which professional sports team is based in Norfolk?

    • Norfolk Tides
    • Norfolk Admirals
    • Norfolk Tides
    • Norfolk Vikings
  9. 9) Which birding hotspot in Norfolk is a renowned stopover for migratory birds?

    • Norfolk City Park
    • Elizabeth River Trail
    • Northside Park
    • Lakewood Park
  10. 10) Which famous American jazz singer, known for her distinctive voice and contributions to music, was born in Norfolk?

    • Ella Fitzgerald
    • Billie Holiday
    • Sarah Vaughan
    • Nina Simone

You’re a Norfolk trivia whiz! Keep shining like the Northern Cardinal!

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