Can You Get an A on This Quiz about Exodus?

The book of Exodus Trivia Quiz

  1. 1) Who is the central figure in the book of Exodus?

    • Elijah
    • Moses
    • Abraham
    • David
  2. 2) What body of water is parted to facilitate the Israelites’ escape from the Egyptians in the book of Exodus?

    • Red Sea
    • Jordan River
    • Nile River
    • Dead Sea
  3. 3) According to the book of Exodus, what is the name of the mountain where Moses receives the Ten Commandments?

    • Mount Sinai
    • Mount Sinai
    • Mount Zion
    • Mount Carmel
  4. 4) Who is Moses’ brother in the book of Exodus?

    • Aaron
    • Aaron
    • Miriam
    • Joshua
  5. 5) In the book of Exodus, what is the final plague that convinces Pharaoh to release the Israelites?

    • Plague of Frogs
    • Plague of Boils
    • Death of the Firstborn
    • Plague of Locusts
  6. 6) What item is used to lead and guide the Israelites through the wilderness in the book of Exodus?

    • Golden Calf
    • Tabernacle
    • Pillar of Cloud and Fire
    • Bronze Serpent
  7. 7) According to the book of Exodus, what form does God use to communicate with Moses on Mount Sinai?

    • Dove
    • Burning Bush
    • Cloud and Thunder
    • Angel
  8. 8) What food falls from the sky to provide for the Israelites in the wilderness according to the book of Exodus?

    • Manna from Heaven
    • Manna from Heaven
    • Quail
    • Bread
  9. 9) What event marks the moment when the Israelites officially become a nation in the book of Exodus?

    • The Crossing of the Red Sea
    • The Revelation at Mount Sinai
    • The Covenant at Mount Sinai
    • The Defeat of Amalek
  10. 10) According to the book of Exodus, what is the purpose of the Tabernacle?

    • To Serve as a School
    • To House the King
    • To Serve as God’s Dwelling Place
    • To Store Treasures

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