Can You Ace The Office Season 4 Quiz?

The OFFICE - Quiz - Season 4

  1. 1) Who is the new receptionist at Dunder Mifflin Scranton in Season 4?

    • A. Karen Filippelli
    • B. Ryan Howard
    • C. Holly Flax
    • D. Jessica Alba
  2. 2) What does Michael step on, leading to his unfortunate “grilled foot” incident in Season 4?

    • A. A George Foreman Grill
    • B. A hot plate
    • C. A toaster
    • D. A waffle iron
  3. 3) Who goes to New York to work at corporate headquarters in Season 4?

    • A. Pam Beesly
    • B. Jim Halpert
    • C. Ryan Howard
    • D. Karen Filippelli
  4. 4) Who begins a relationship with Angela at the beginning of Season 4?

    • A. Andy Bernard
    • B. Kevin Malone
    • C. Oscar Martinez
    • D. Creed Bratton
  5. 5) What does Michael call the “new boss” at corporate headquarters in Season 4?

    • A. Charles Miner
    • B. David Wallace
    • C. Jan Levinson
    • D. Bob Kazamakis
  6. 6) Who replaces Michael and becomes the “new boss” while Michael is away on a lecture circuit?

    • A. Pam Beesly
    • B. Jim Halpert
    • C. Dwight Schrute
    • D. Andy Bernard
  7. 7) What item of Dwight’s does Jim put in Jell-O in Season 4?

    • A. Stapler
    • B. Calculator
    • C. Phone
    • D. Desk mug
  8. 8) What is the name of the paper mill that the Dunder Mifflin employees visit in the episode “Branch Wars” in Season 4?

    • A. Utica Paper Company
    • B. Hammermill Paper Company
    • C. Albany Paper Company
    • D. Buffalo Paper Company
  9. 9) What new business does Michael attempt to start before realizing it already exists in Season 4?

    • A. A coffee shop
    • B. A restaurant
    • C. A paper company
    • D. A cleaning service
  10. 10) Who does Michael accidentally hit with his car in the episode “Goodbye, Toby”?

    • A. Meredith Palmer
    • B. Phyllis Vance
    • C. Darryl Philbin
    • D. Kelly Kapoor

Congratulations! You are a true Dunder Mifflin ace! You deserve a Dundie Award!

You did well, but there’s always room for improvement. Keep watching The Office!