Can You Ace The Office Season 6 Quiz?

The OFFICE - Quiz - Season 6

  1. 1) Who becomes the new regional manager of the Scranton branch in Season 6 of The Office?

    • A. Jim Halpert
    • B. Michael Scott
    • C. Andy Bernard
    • D. David Wallace
  2. 2) What item of Jim’s does Dwight put in Jell-O in Season 6?

    • A. Stapler
    • B. Keyboard
    • C. Mouse
    • D. Entire desk
  3. 3) What is the name of the new company that buys out Dunder Mifflin in Season 6?

    • A. Sabre
    • B. Scepter
    • C. Sceptre
    • D. Saber
  4. 4) What does Michael create when he hits Meredith with his car in Season 6?

    • A. A memorial video/presentation
    • B. A “Get Well Soon” card
    • C. A charity fundraiser
    • D. A safety training course
  5. 5) What does Erin mistakenly think is Gabe’s favorite song in Season 6?

    • A. “Candle in the Wind” by Elton John
    • B. “Desperado” by Eagles
    • C. “Ding Dong, the Witch Is Dead” from The Wizard of Oz
    • D. “Thriller” by Michael Jackson
  6. 6) What is the name of Michael Scott’s screenplay in Season 6?

    • A. Threat Level Midnight
    • B. The Scranton Strangler
    • C. Goldenface
    • D. The Office: The Movie
  7. 7) Who is appointed as the new manager of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch after Michael leaves in Season 6?

    • A. Jim Halpert
    • B. Andy Bernard
    • C. Deangelo Vickers
    • D. Robert California
  8. 8) What medical procedure does Michael think Holly is getting in Season 6?

    • A. Hip replacement
    • B. Vasectomy
    • C. Breast enhancement
    • D. Lasik eye surgery
  9. 9) What is the name of the company that offers Michael a job in Colorado in Season 6?

    • A. Athlead
    • B. Prince Paper
    • C. Vance Refrigeration
    • D. Madge Madsen Greeting Cards
  10. 10) Who gets a golden ticket from Michael in the “Golden Ticket” sales scheme in Season 6?

    • A. Stanley Hudson
    • B. Jim Halpert
    • C. Pam Beesly
    • D. Dwight Schrute

Congratulations! You are a true Dunder Mifflin ace! You deserve a Dundie Award!

You did well, but there’s always room for improvement. Keep watching The Office!