San Jose, California Trivia Quiz

Can You Pass This Test about San Jose, California?

  1. 1) What is the third-largest city in California?

    • San Jose
    • Oakland
    • Sacramento
    • Fresno
  2. 2) Which river runs through the city of San Jose?

    • Guadalupe River
    • Salinas River
    • Coyote Creek
    • San Francisco Bay
  3. 3) What is the state bird of California?

    • California Quail
    • California Quail
    • Brown Pelican
    • California Gull
  4. 4) Which university, known for its Spartans sports teams, is located in San Jose?

    • University of California, Berkeley
    • San Francisco State University
    • Stanford University
    • San Jose State University
  5. 5) What is the nickname of California?

    • The Golden State
    • The Golden State
    • The Sunshine State
    • The Bear State
  6. 6) Which famous technology museum, located in San Jose, showcases the history and impact of computing and technology?

    • Tech Museum of Innovation
    • Computer History Museum
    • The Tech Interactive
    • Silicon Valley Innovation Center
  7. 7) What is the largest city in Santa Clara County and Northern California?

    • San Jose
    • Oakland
    • San Francisco
    • Sacramento
  8. 8) Which professional ice hockey team is based in San Jose?

    • San Jose Sharks
    • San Jose Barracuda
    • San Jose Stealth
    • San Jose Rhinos
  9. 9) What is the highest point in California, located in Tulare County?

    • Mount Whitney
    • San Gorgonio Mountain
    • White Mountain Peak
    • White Mountains
  10. 10) Which famous American poet and author spent his later life and wrote part of his acclaimed work in San Jose?

    • Emily Dickinson
    • Langston Hughes
    • Maya Angelou
    • Allen Ginsberg

You’re a San Jose trivia whiz! Keep shining like the California Quail!

Not bad, but keep exploring San Jose! There’s more to discover!

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