Am I Wrong for Letting my step-son stay home when sick?

Am I Wrong for Letting my step-son stay home when sick?

My wife moved into my house with her son a year ago. My stepson Finn (16) is a great kid. He does sports, gets good grades, always respectful to everybody and barely misses school.

Last week on Wednesday Finn got up and told me he wasn’t feeling well and asked if he could stay home. Of course I said yes. I brought him some water, some cola, a pretzel because it helps with nausea, and made sure to check on him every few hours. At around 11 we took a walk so he could get some fresh air. By lunch he was feeling a bit better.

Once his mother came home though, she started getting upset. She said I ruined his perfect attendance and that feeling nauseous isn’t a reason to stay home. I grew up with parents who only let me stay home when I was so sick I couldn’t walk, so I think it’s important to give kids the option to choose for themselves if they feel well enough for school. I told her that her son’s health is more important than some piece of paper with no value that says he got perfect attendance. She then told me I should stop trying to parent her son.

I’m conflicted. I know Finn’s health is more important and that it should always come first, but now I’m thinking that I probably should’ve asked her if it was okay for him to stay home.

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Our Verdict:

We don’t think he’s wrong but in a blended family, prioritizing a child’s health over perfect attendance, as he did with his stepson Finn, is commendable. However, the situation revealed a communication gap between him and his wife, especially regarding parenting decisions. His intentions were in the right place, focusing on Finn’s wellbeing by allowing him to stay home due to nausea. His wife’s upset response likely stems from differing views on the importance of school attendance and not being involved in the decision-making process.

It’s crucial for blended families to discuss and agree on parenting principles, including handling sick days, to ensure both partners feel involved and respected. His wife’s reaction about not parenting her son suggests a need for a deeper conversation about his roles and responsibilities in Finn’s upbringing. Moving forward, establishing clear communication and decision-making processes with the wife about parenting will be key to preventing similar conflicts.

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