Gone with the Wind Trivia Questions


1) What motivates Scarlett O’Hara to marry Charles Hamilton? Love To make Ashley Wilkes jealous Financial security To escape Tara 2) How does Scarlett find Tara when she returns after fleeing Atlanta? Thriving and productive Deserted, with her father, sisters, and former slaves remaining Unscathed by the war Completely burned down 3) Scarlett’s decision to … Read more

Winston Churchill Trivia


1) What was Winston Churchill’s role during World War II? Prime Minister of the United Kingdom General of the British Army Foreign Secretary Ambassador to the United States 2) In which war did Churchill participate as a young army officer and journalist? World War I The Second Boer War The Russo-Japanese War The Spanish-American War … Read more

1970’s Trivia Quiz


1) What was the highest-grossing film of the 1970s? The Godfather Jaws Star Wars Rocky 2) Who was the President of the United States at the start of the 1970s? Gerald Ford Richard Nixon Jimmy Carter Lyndon B. Johnson 3) Which iconic video game, often credited with popularizing the arcade, was released in 1972? Pong … Read more

Didier Drogba Quiz Trivia


1) What club did Didier Drogba join in 2004, becoming a legendary figure there? Barcelona Real Madrid Chelsea Manchester United 2) How many Premier League titles did Drogba win with Chelsea? 2 4 3 5 3) In which year did Drogba win the UEFA Champions League with Chelsea? 2008 2010 2012 2014 4) From which … Read more

Dune: Part Two Movie Trivia Quiz

Dune Trivia

1) Who secretly journals about Paul Atreides possibly being alive at the beginning of “Dune Part 2”? Princess Irulan Corrino Lady Jessica Chani Margot Fenring 2) What causes Jessica to inherit the memories of her ancestors? Becoming the Fremen leader Drinking the Water of Life Defeating a sandworm A ritual by the Fremen 3) Who … Read more