Gone with the Wind Trivia Questions

Can you answer 10 questions about the movie Gone with the Wind?

  1. 1) What motivates Scarlett O’Hara to marry Charles Hamilton?

    • Love
    • To make Ashley Wilkes jealous
    • Financial security
    • To escape Tara
  2. 2) How does Scarlett find Tara when she returns after fleeing Atlanta?

    • Thriving and productive
    • Deserted, with her father, sisters, and former slaves remaining
    • Unscathed by the war
    • Completely burned down
  3. 3) Scarlett’s decision to work in the cotton fields signifies what major theme of the movie?

    • Romantic desire
    • Political change
    • Survival and determination
    • The futility of war
  4. 4) How does Scarlett ensure the survival of Tara after the war?

    • By working as a nurse
    • By marrying Frank Kennedy for his money
    • By borrowing money from Rhett Butler
    • By selling the plantation
  5. 5) Who does Scarlett turn to unsuccessfully for help in paying the taxes on Tara?

    • Rhett Butler
    • Ashley Wilkes
    • Melanie Hamilton
    • Charles Hamilton
  6. 6) What tragic event befalls Scarlett and Rhett’s daughter, Bonnie Blue?

    • She falls ill and dies
    • She dies attempting to jump a fence with her pony
    • She runs away and is never found
    • She is kidnapped
  7. 7) How does Rhett react to Scarlett’s declaration of love towards the end of the movie?

    • He professes his love in return
    • He rebuffs her and walks away
    • He agrees to start over with her
    • He leaves to fight in the war
  8. 8) Scarlett’s ultimate realization about whom she truly loves occurs when?

    • After Charles Hamilton’s death
    • When she marries Rhett
    • At the end of the movie, after Rhett decides to leave
    • During the siege of Atlanta
  9. 9) What event disrupts the engagement party at Twelve Oaks?

    • News of President Lincoln’s call for volunteers
    • A fire
    • Scarlett’s scandalous behavior
    • An attack by Union soldiers
  10. 10) What vow does Scarlett make upon her return to Tara, faced with its dire state?

    • To leave the South forever
    • To ensure her and her family’s survival
    • To take revenge on the Union
    • To find Rhett and win him back

Incredible! Your knowledge of “Gone with the Wind” is as deep as Scarlett’s love for Tara. You’ve mastered the intricacies of this epic tale.

Well done! “Gone with the Wind” is a rich narrative filled with complex characters and dramatic twists. There’s always more to discover, so perhaps another viewing is in order.

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