Can you get an A on this Trivia about HAWAII?


1) Hawaii is composed of a group of islands. How many main islands make up the state? 4 6 8 10 2) What is the tallest volcano in Hawaii? Mauna Loa Kohala Mauna Kea Haleakalā 3) Which traditional Hawaiian dance involves rhythmic hip movements? Hula Luau Ukulele Hula 4) What is the state flower of … Read more

Can you Ace this 5th grade science quiz?


1) What is the process by which plants make food using sunlight? Photosynthesis Transpiration Respiration Photosynthesis 2) What is the force that pulls objects towards the center of the Earth? Gravity Gravity Magnetism Friction 3) Which of the following is a conductor of electricity? Wood Plastic Copper Glass 4) What is the study of the … Read more

Can you get an A on this Trivia about ALASKA?


Here is a 10 question quiz based on the title “Can you get an A on this Trivia about ALASKA?”: 1) What is the largest state in the United States? Alaska California Texas Hawaii 2) What is the highest peak in Alaska? Mount Rainier Mount Whitney Denali (Mount McKinley) Mount St. Helens 3) Which of … Read more

Can you get an A on this Trivia about Madagascar?


1) What is the capital city of Madagascar? Antsirabe Mahajanga Antananarivo Fianarantsoa 2) What is the largest baobab tree in Madagascar called? Baobab Max Giant Tree Adansonia Grandidieri Madagascar Baobab 3) Which animal is endemic to Madagascar and known for its unique appearance with a long snout and a striped tail? Lemur Fossa Aye-aye Faty … Read more

can you get an A on this archeology test?


1) What is the study of human history and prehistory through the excavation of artifacts and other remains? Astronomy Biology Archaeology Geology 2) Who was the famous archaeologist instrumental in discovering the tomb of Tutankhamun? Albert Einstein Howard Carter Isaac Newton Marie Curie 3) What method of dating relies on the measurement of radioactive isotopes? … Read more