can you get an A on this archeology test?

  1. 1) What is the study of human history and prehistory through the excavation of artifacts and other remains?

    • Astronomy
    • Biology
    • Archaeology
    • Geology
  2. 2) Who was the famous archaeologist instrumental in discovering the tomb of Tutankhamun?

    • Albert Einstein
    • Howard Carter
    • Isaac Newton
    • Marie Curie
  3. 3) What method of dating relies on the measurement of radioactive isotopes?

    • Radiometric dating
    • Relative dating
    • Carbon dating
    • Dendrochronology
  4. 4) Which ancient civilization built the famous pyramids of Giza?

    • Ancient Egyptians
    • Ancient Greeks
    • Mayans
    • Incas
  5. 5) What is the name of the ancient city destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 79 AD?

    • Alexandria
    • Troy
    • Babylon
    • Pompeii

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