Which Marvel Character Are You Like?


  1. 1) How would your friends describe you?

    • Inventive and Witty
    • Loyal and Principled
    • Reserved but Passionate
    • Mysterious and Resourceful
  2. 2) What’s your approach to solving problems?

    • With technology and intellect
    • Through leadership and determination
    • By channeling my inner strength
    • Using strategy and stealth
  3. 3) What is most important to you?

    • Innovation and progress
    • Justice and freedom
    • Privacy and tranquility
    • Completing my mission
  4. 4) Choose your favorite activity:

    • Tinkering with gadgets
    • Engaging in outdoor sports
    • Spending time in solitude
    • Training in martial arts

You’re most like Iron Man! Just like Tony Stark, you’re innovative, witty, and always a step ahead with your technological genius.

You’re most like Captain America! A true leader at heart, you stand for justice, freedom, and never give up on your principles.

You’re most like Hulk! Beneath a reserved exterior lies immense strength and passion, just like Bruce Banner.

You’re most like Black Widow! Resourceful, strategic, and highly skilled, you’re a master in handling challenging situations.