Primary Love Language Quiz

What's Your Primary Love Language?

  1. 1) Your ideal weekend activity?
    • Going for a hike
    • Having a movie night at home
    • Writing poetry or reading
    • Working on a DIY project
    • Going shopping
  2. 2) What really makes you feel loved and appreciated?
    • Having deep conversations
    • Receiving compliments or heartfelt notes
    • Hugs, kisses, and physical affection
    • Getting thoughtful presents
    • Someone doing something to help you
  3. 3) How do you prefer to express love to others?
    • Giving thoughtful gifts
    • Hugs, kisses, and physical affection
    • Offering praise and encouragement
    • Spending quality one-on-one time
    • Helping with tasks or projects
  4. 4) What kind of surprise would make your day?
    • A surprise gift or present
    • A heartfelt, unexpected note or message
    • A surprise hug or kiss
    • A spontaneous day out with loved ones
    • Someone taking care of your responsibilities for a day
  5. 5) In a relationship, what makes you feel most connected to your partner?
    • Spending focused time together without distractions
    • Physical touch and closeness
    • Acts of kindness and helpful actions
    • Thoughtful and meaningful gifts or gestures
    • Encouraging and affirming words
  6. 6) How do you prefer to apologize when you’ve hurt someone?
    • Verbally expressing your remorse and regret
    • Giving a token of apology, like flowers or a small gift
    • Taking on extra chores or responsibilities for the other person
    • Offering a sincere hug or physical comfort
    • Spending focused time listening and discussing the issue
  7. 7) What kind of compliments mean the most to you?
    • Compliments on your character, intelligence, or talents
    • Compliments on your appearance or physical presence
    • Compliments on your taste or thoughtful gestures
    • Compliments on your company and meaningful conversations
    • Compliments on your helpfulness and willingness to assist others
  8. 8) How do you prefer to receive feedback or encouragement?
    • Sitting down and discussing feedback or encouragement
    • Receiving verbal feedback or encouragement
    • Receiving a small gift or token as a form of encouragement
    • Receiving practical help or support to improve
    • Receiving a comforting hug or physical touch as a form of encouragement
  9. 9) Which romantic gesture means the most to you?
    • Cuddling and physical closeness
    • Planning a special date or getaway together
    • Writing a heartfelt love letter or note
    • Surprising you with a thoughtful gift or gesture
    • Doing something helpful or thoughtful without being asked
  10. 10) What makes you feel most secure in a relationship?
    • When your partner supports you by helping with tasks or projects
    • Receiving tokens of love and affection
    • When your partner expresses love and appreciation through words
    • Physical touch and closeness with your partner
    • Spending dedicated time together without distractions
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