Dune: Part Two Movie Trivia Quiz

Can you get 10/10 on this Dune: Part Two quiz?

  1. 1) Who secretly journals about Paul Atreides possibly being alive at the beginning of “Dune Part 2”?

    • Princess Irulan Corrino
    • Lady Jessica
    • Chani
    • Margot Fenring
  2. 2) What causes Jessica to inherit the memories of her ancestors?

    • Becoming the Fremen leader
    • Drinking the Water of Life
    • Defeating a sandworm
    • A ritual by the Fremen
  3. 3) Who is coerced into becoming the replacement Reverend Mother for the Fremen?

    • Chani
    • Jessica
    • Margot Fenring
    • Reverend Mother Mohiam
  4. 4) What nickname do the Fremen give to Paul Atreides?

    • Muad’Dib
    • Usul
    • Kwisatz Haderach
    • Lisan al Gaib
  5. 5) Who is Paul’s romantic interest in “Dune Part 2”?

    • Princess Irulan Corrino
    • Chani
    • Lady Jessica
    • Margot Fenring
  6. 6) What is the Water of Life?

    • A rare spice found on Arrakis
    • A liquid excreted by a drowned adolescent sandworm
    • A ceremonial drink of the Fremen
    • A poison used by the Bene Gesserit
  7. 7) Who becomes ruler of Arrakis after the Baron demotes Rabban?

    • Paul Atreides
    • Stilgar
    • Feyd-Rautha
    • The Emperor Shaddam IV
  8. 8) How does Paul demonstrate his acceptance of Fremen ways?

    • By marrying Chani
    • By riding a sandworm
    • By defeating Feyd-Rautha
    • By consuming the Water of Life
  9. 9) Who does Paul challenge to a duel, leading to the challenger’s defeat?

    • Rabban
    • Feyd-Rautha
    • The Baron
    • Emperor Shaddam IV
  10. 10) What vision does Paul have after consuming the Water of Life?

    • A clearer sense of the past and future, including a vision of his sister Alia
    • The defeat of the Harkonnens
    • His marriage to Chani
    • Becoming the Emperor of the known universe

Congratulations, ace! You’ve navigated the dunes like a true Fremen. Share your result.

Not bad, but even Paul Atreides had to face trials. Brush up on your knowledge and try again!

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