Can You Ace The Office Season 8 Quiz?

The OFFICE - Quiz - Season 8

  1. 1) Who becomes the new regional manager of the Scranton branch in Season 8 of The Office?

    • A. Jim Halpert
    • B. Andy Bernard
    • C. Robert California
    • D. Clark Green
  2. 2) Who is the new CEO of Dunder Mifflin after Jo Bennett’s departure in Season 8?

    • A. Nellie Bertram
    • B. Gabe Lewis
    • C. Robert California
    • D. David Wallace
  3. 3) What business does Dwight open at Schrute Farms in Season 8?

    • A. Bed and Breakfast
    • B. Beet Juice Bar
    • C. Horse Riding School
    • D. Paintball Arena
  4. 4) Who becomes the new office manager after Robert California’s resignation in Season 8?

    • A. Jim Halpert
    • B. Andy Bernard
    • C. Nellie Bertram
    • D. Gabe Lewis
  5. 5) What does Jim do to prank Dwight in Season 8 that angers him the most?

    • A. Fills his phone with Jell-O
    • B. Puts his desk in the men’s restroom
    • C. Shrinks-wrap his desk
    • D. Puts his stapler in Jell-O
  6. 6) What unique charity does the office create under the management of Andy in Season 8?

    • A. Charity 5k run
    • B. Auction
    • C. Fundraiser with tattoos on their bodies
    • D. Office bake sale
  7. 7) Who becomes the VP of Special Projects at Sabre in Season 8?

    • A. Ryan Howard
    • B. Pam Beesly
    • C. Jim Halpert
    • D. Gabe Lewis
  8. 8) What is the name of the former boss of Sabre who becomes obsessed with Nellie Bertram in Season 8?

    • A. Jo Bennett
    • B. Kathy Simms
    • C. Robert California
    • D. David Wallace
  9. 9) What temporary job does Pam take in Season 8 while waiting for her mural project to begin?

    • A. Sales Representative
    • B. Office Administrator
    • C. Warehouse Supervisor
    • D. Customer Service Representative
  10. 10) What does Robert California claim to be his real name in Season 8?

    • A. Bob Kazamakis
    • B. Robert Dunder
    • C. Bob Kazamakis
    • D. James Trickington

Congratulations! You are a true Dunder Mifflin ace! You deserve a Dundie Award!

You did well, but there’s always room for improvement. Keep watching The Office!