Can You Ace The Office Season 9 Quiz?

The OFFICE - Quiz - Season 9

  1. 1) Who becomes the new manager of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch in Season 9 of The Office?

    • A. Jim Halpert
    • B. Andy Bernard
    • C. Nellie Bertram
    • D. Dwight Schrute
  2. 2) What is the name of the documentary crew that has been filming the office for years and finally reveals themselves in Season 9?

    • A. Daily Planet
    • B. National Geographic
    • C. Boom Mic Guy
    • D. Dunder Mifflin Productions
  3. 3) Who buys Dunder Mifflin Scranton from Sabre in Season 9?

    • A. David Wallace
    • B. Jo Bennett
    • C. Robert California
    • D. Gabe Lewis
  4. 4) Where do Jim and Pam move to in Season 9?

    • A. New York City
    • B. Florida
    • C. Austin, Texas
    • D. Los Angeles
  5. 5) Who becomes the new assistant to the regional manager under Andy’s management in Season 9?

    • A. Clark Green
    • B. Dwight Schrute
    • C. Nellie Bertram
    • D. Pete Miller
  6. 6) What is the name of Dwight’s cousin, who helps him run the family beet farm in Season 9?

    • A. Zeke
    • B. Mose
    • C. Jeb Schrute
    • D. Garett
  7. 7) What scandal erupts when Angela’s cats go missing in Season 9?

    • A. The “Senator” is revealed to be gay and cheating on Angela
    • B. Warehouse theft
    • C. Office supply embezzlement
    • D. Accounting fraud
  8. 8) Who returns to the office at the end of Season 9 to take over as manager?

    • A. Michael Scott
    • B. Robert California
    • C. David Wallace
    • D. Gabe Lewis
  9. 9) What business venture does Ryan launch in Season 9?

    • A.
    • B. A dating website
    • C. A sports drink called “WOOF”
    • D. A mobile app for tracking friends
  10. 10) Who is revealed to be the Scranton Strangler in Season 9?

    • A. Andy Bernard
    • B. Gabe Lewis
    • C. Toby Flenderson
    • D. Jo Bennett

Congratulations! You are a true Dunder Mifflin ace! You deserve a Dundie Award!

You did well, but there’s always room for improvement. Keep watching The Office!