How Well Do You Know Numbers?

S6e How Well Do You Know Numbers

1) In the book of Numbers, how many spies were sent to explore the land of Canaan? 5 7 12 15 2) What is the significance of the silver trumpets in the book of Numbers? To announce the beginning of battles To signal the arrival of prophets To call the congregation and signal movement To … Read more

Can You Get 10/10 on This Quiz about Leviticus?

10 On This Quiz About Leviticus

1) What is the primary theme of the book of Leviticus? Redemption Conquest Holiness Justice 2) In the book of Leviticus, what is the purpose of the burnt offering? Atonement and Dedication Celebration of Harvest Fulfillment of Vows Purification from Leprosy 3) According to the book of Leviticus, what creatures are designated as clean for … Read more

The book of Esther Trivia Quiz

1) Where is the story of Esther set? Jerusalem Babylon Nazareth Susa 2) What is the name of Esther’s cousin and guardian? Ezra Mordecai Hegai Haman 3) What was Esther’s Hebrew name? Sarai Rebecca Leah Hadassah 4) Who was the king in the story of Esther? Artaxerxes Cyrus Ahasuerus (Xerxes) Darius 5) What was the … Read more

Dune: Part Two Movie Trivia Quiz

Dune Trivia

1) Who secretly journals about Paul Atreides possibly being alive at the beginning of “Dune Part 2”? Princess Irulan Corrino Lady Jessica Chani Margot Fenring 2) What causes Jessica to inherit the memories of her ancestors? Becoming the Fremen leader Drinking the Water of Life Defeating a sandworm A ritual by the Fremen 3) Who … Read more

The Elder Scrolls Ultimate Trivia Questions

dragon, dragon king, magic

1) In which province is “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” primarily set? Cyrodiil Morrowind Skyrim Hammerfell 2) What is the name of the empire’s capital city in “The Elder Scrolls” series? Whiterun Imperial City Solitude Riften 3) Which Daedric Prince is known as the Prince of Madness in “The Elder Scrolls” series? Molag Bal Sheogorath … Read more

General Knowledge Quiz

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1) Which planet is known as the Red Planet? Venus Saturn Mars Jupiter 2) Who wrote the play “Hamlet”? John Milton William Shakespeare Christopher Marlowe Thomas Middleton 3) What is the capital of Japan? Seoul Beijing Tokyo Osaka 4) What is the largest organ of the human body? Skin Liver Heart Brain 5) Which element … Read more